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Nedcad3d is proud to be one of the top international automotive reverse engineering agencies with hundreds of international projects that brings  global customers high quality professional services in reverse engineering area at a reasonable price .

Our team combines experienced engineers that help Manufacturers, aftermarkets and OEMs to get an idealized and optimized version of their scanned product.

Our experts correct all defects in the manufacturing of scanned products according to engineering standards and provide the scanned parametric version for manufacture, development and production of cad maps for you.

At nedcad3d , we sincerely believe in the high focus on core competencies, the uniqueness of local cultural understanding, the great value of global collaboration – like the connection of puzzle pieces in lego -, will bring significant development and prosperity to both sides.

What is reverse engineering? 

Manufacturers have made millions of parts. Relatively few remain relevant for more than a few years. But those that do are often part of important systems and assemblies, so they are worth preserving.

The older the system is, the less likely its original designs are available. There may have been physical documentation that has been lost or digital files that were deleted. The part may have been produced by a company that no longer exists.

Regardless, reverse engineering allows manufacturers to recreate the part’s 3D CAD file by working backward from a physical part, bringing it back to life in digital form.

Reverse Engineering For The Automotive Indudtry Aftermarket

In automotive aftermarket, extracting dimensions from manufacturers’ parts is critical. This process can help designing custom parts like body and suspension kits, engine components or other performance parts. In those cases, the general dimensions of the part and especially the fixation points need to be defined accurately.

In addition to that, for body kits and other visual improvements, the design of the new component must match the original design in order to give a good global look to the car. The critical steps in reverse engineering are acquiring, accurately and efficiently, the dimensions of the original part and extracting the necessary information from the resulting scan in order to create the new design with the correct assembly features.

Why aftermarket auto parts?

As the automotive industry grew and evolved, so did the need for reliable and efficient auto parts. The industry has a long history spanning several centuries, beginning with the invention of the first automobile in the 19th century.
Since the production of the first car until now, these vehicles sometimes need to replace some parts. including: car body and main parts, electric and electronic parts, interior space, engine and chassis
This is the time when we want to buy a quality piece at a fair price. So we go to the market of aftermarket car parts.
One of the most important factors influencing the quality of production parts in this market is the dimensions and coordination of that part with other factory parts. In this regard, NEDCAD3D tries to improve the design of these parts by reverse engineering.


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